vendredi 20 septembre 2013


(Saint Irene appeared surrounded by two Angels)


“My beloved brethren, I, IRENE, rejoice for returning Here today and give ye another Message to help ye in the path of perfection, of love and of peace.
Be like cedars of Lebanon, be strong in the faith, be strong in trust, in hope, in love, in such a way that all of your person is a powerful and a vibrant testimony to all people of the entire world, in order that all those who are in darkness see the Lord’s Light and come towards the Lord’s Light.

Be like strong cedars, increasingly living in a life of intense and deep prayer, a prayer that never stops at any moment and even when ye are working and studying, this prayer keeps coming out and going up from you to Heaven, offering all of your actions, all your thoughts in unity with The Sacred Hearts, with Us, the Saints of Heaven. So that thus, Our prayers and yours united, become a great power to achieve the conversion of so many sinners and the salvation of many, many nations on Earth.
Be like strong cedars, practicing the Virtues that please the Sacred Hearts so much, so that your spiritual perfection increasingly each day, grows until attaining the plenitude of holiness.

Study, study the Catholic Doctrine which has been passed on to ye by tradition and by the writings of the Saints up to the present day, so that thus, ye understanding perfectly that which the Lord came to the world to teach ye, ye may be able to know well the path that you must follow to get to Heaven and along with you to bring the millions and millions of your brethren, who need someone to show them the true path and lead them through the true path.
Be like strong cedars, living continuously in personal mortification, i.e., renouncing yeselves, your will, your disordered attachments, so that then, your heart and soul be free, free to truly serve God with all your heart, with all your effort and all your joy so you can open as many other paths as possible so that all your brethren find the path that leads to the Lord, to Heaven. Open these doors to your brethren, so then, they will be able to find the true path that leads toward God.

Live continually in God, seeking to sharpen your feelings, thoughts, desires and yearnings with His. Seek to conform your thinking with the thinking of the Lord in order that His Holy Spirit does not find any barriers or obstacles within your souls. Cultivate true love every day and do not ever allow it to die within ye, flee from all that suffocates, all that burns, that dries the rose of true love within your soul, so that then, ye may every day grow more and more in the true love of God which will lead ye finally to eternal glory.
I, Irene, Martyr of the Lord, will always be by your side to help ye and lead ye down the road of sanctification. 
Continue with all the prayers that Heaven gave ye Here, because through these Holy Hours of Prayer, your souls, like fragrant roses of love, will grow and will bloom always more to the holiness that the Most Holy Trinity desires and has planned for ye all. 
I, Irene, want to conserve divine peace in ye. This peace which is born of deep and true awareness to fulfill the will of God, of being on the right path desired by the Lord for each one of ye. Therefore, I say unto ye: renounce any way that is not the way of the Lord, renounce any road that is not the road of the Lord, renounce all will, all other plan that is not the will and the plan of Lord for ye. 
I will be with ye to help ye to know the will of God and to put it into practice with accuracy. I Am closer to ye than you imagine; in your sufferings, call upon Me, pray to Me and I will carry ye in My arms, giving ye strength to conquer all trials. 
At this time, I bless ye generously with love and especially you Marcos, the dearest of My brethren and the most ardent of My true devotees and friends."

(Marcos): “Yes... Yes... I will do it, yes... See you soon.”

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